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In the Metro Atlanta area, there is no shortage of hardwood flooring companies that want to do business with you.  However, when you are shopping for a wood flooring company that meets your standards,  how do you chose?  Is there really that big of a difference between wood flooring businesses?  We believe there is and have listed a few things that set us apart from the pack.  


Many times we are asked if we install or repair carpet, tile or other flooring surfaces. The simple answer is no. We are only in the business of wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, and laminate wood flooring services and products. Of course, you will find other local businesses that provide all-in-one type flooring services, but we decided years ago to specialize so that we could be experts in our field. By working exclusively with wood flooring, engineered flooring and laminate flooring products, our crews are trained in-depth specifically to these types of floors, instead of spreading too thin by learning a little bit of everything in the flooring world.  

We recognize that it's impossible to be the best at everything, so we dedicated ourselves to be the best wood flooring business around.  We feel that this is the only way to provide our customers with the level of service and results that they deserve.  

You Deal With ONE PERSON for the Entire Job

From start to finish, you will deal with me, David Flesher, on your wood flooring project.  I am the one who will show up for your in-home evaluation and I will also be there completing the work with my crew.   Not only does that make it more convenient for our customers since there is only one person to contact, but it also cuts out any misunderstandings that can happen when you have a separate estimator and then an employee that does the work.  

With more than 22 years experience with wood floors, I feel as if I have seen it all - or pretty close to it, so by working on your project with my crew, I can catch any issues before the job progresses.  

In addition, who doesn't want a company's owner personally involved? After all, it's my name and reputation on the line and I want my customers to be happy!

Our Estimates Are CLEAR and don't change

When we come out for an in-home evaluation, we take care to listen to what your needs are and create an estimate based on that.  When you get a written estimate you should not have to worry that the price will change once the job is underway - and when you really have little choice but to continue. 

At Flesher Floors we pride ourselves on our price guarantee. The price we give you on your hardwood flooring estimate is the price you will pay - unless, of course you decide to add additional work after we start (a new estimate is provided in these cases).  

We know that everyone has a budget for any home improvement project and we are not interested in surprising you with a number different from what we originally quoted you, so you can rest assured that the wood flooring price you see is the price you will pay. 

High Quality Products Last Longer - So That's What We Us​e

We only use the best quality products with all of our hardwood flooring projects. Your floors are one of the most important, noticeable features in your home and we want them to look their best - and withstand normal household wear and tear. 

We know that you are investing a significant amount of time and money into your wood flooring project and we would rather do it right the first time, which means using the best products we can.  Cheaper hardwood flooring products may save you money now but will definitely cost you later as they won't last nearly as long. 

We are On Time - Every time

Your time is valuable and when you set up an appointment with someone, you should expect them to respect it.  Sadly, this is not always the norm in our industry - BUT  the good news is that we are not the norm as a flooring business!  

We consistently do everything in our power to be on time, all of the time - whether for an in-home evaluation or for the start of your job.  We know your time is important and we don't want to waste it. 

We Don't Cut Corners - Ever!

We understand that as nice as you may think we are, you don't want us in your home any longer than we need to be.  So, one of the first questions we are often asked when meeting with a homeowner is, "how long will this take?"  We know that this work is a disruption to your daily routine and we work diligently to get it done in a timely manner so you can get back to normal life (with beautiful new hardwood floors, of course). 

With that being said, each job takes a certain number of man hours to complete and we never cut corners!  There are some companies that will promise the moon to get your wood flooring business and then deliver sub par work to meet an unrealistic deadline. That's not us!  We have a crew of trained wood flooring professionals that works efficiently but we will not skip steps to get your job done sooner … we just won't. We go the  extra mile to make sure it's done right the first time so that your wood floors last longer. 

We Have Lots of References Available

An important part of hiring a company to come into your home to work on your wood floors is getting references from customers that have already used the business - past and present!  Testimonials on a website are great, but there is really no way to verify their source, which is why calling previous clients is a great way to assure yourself that you are making the right choice. 

We are always happy to give you a list of previous clients and  phone numbers (with their permission, of course) so that you may talk to them about the work we did for them.  This allows you to verify that what you see is really what you are going to get. 


4614 Jamerson Creek Dr.
Marietta, GA 30066

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